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American Pet Spa & Resort

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Swimming Pricing

 1/2 Hour of Swim Time

$12.99       Regular Price

One Hour of Swim Time

$22.99     10% SAVINGS

May be used in two 1/2 hour visits

Towels are supplied for drying off


Join our Pool Club and receive 

20% Savings

10 Half Hour Pool Times

$ 103.92

Playtime Pricing

$6.99 Regular Price / 15 min. Playtime

 One additional Playtime per day

              $6.29      10% SAVINGS   

 Two additional Playtimes per day

$11.18   20% SAVINGS

 Three additional Playtimes per day

$14.67   30% SAVINGS

Daycare Rates​

Doggie ​Daycare Rates

Half Day  up to 4 Hours


Includes One Playtime

Full Day over 4 Hours

Includes Three Playtimes


Second Dog is 20% OFF

Third Dog is 30% OFF

​American Pet Spa & Resort ​can help you out if you have a long day out.  Bring your dog to us and plan a day for your dog.  They can socialize with other dogs or play with one of us. Treat them to a day of swimming or enjoying the outdoors in their own way.  We will keep them active and comfortable.  The best part is you decide how long they will be with us for the day and what activities would you like them to have.  If it is a long day bring their food and treats so they can have a meal and a snack.    

 Doggie Daycare