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​Swim Time Pricing

 1/2 Hour of Swim Time

$12.99       Regular Price

One Hour of Swim Time

$22.99     10% SAVINGS

May be used in two 1/2 hour visits

1/2 hour when boarding


Towels are supplied for drying off 


Join our Pool Club and receive 


OFF Swim Times

10 Half Hour Pool Times

$ 103.92

The perfect way to enjoy a beautiful day is to take a swim.  Cool down on a hot playful day.  We know the dogs love it.  It's true not all dogs like to swim but the ones who do really enjoy themselves.  Our pool is designed for our dogs. The beach entrance makes a natural setting.  It is perfect for getting your paws wet.  It is so easy for them to get in and out of the water.  For our diving friends the pool goes as deep as 4 feet.  Not to worry. Our staff is always with your dog. They are never left alone.  If your dog is staying at the resort or wants to stop by for a swim give us a call.  The waters fine!

​Swim Time

​Multi-Pet Discounts

Resort Package Discount

20% OFF Second pet sharing a room

30% OFF Third pet sharing a room

(Discounts are taken off of

Resort Package Price only, Not applicable for any other charges incurred)

Playtime Discounts


All additional Playtimes for additional dogs sharing a room

Swim Time Discounts

Each additional dog in your family you bring with you receives


OFF Half Hour Swim Time

OFF One Hour Swim Time


OFF Swim Time Price

10 Half Hour Swim Times 


Incredible Savings 

      Price                        Room/Patio Size

$36.99                           4'x4' / 4'x4'

$40.99                         4'x8' / 4'x10'

$48.99                          8'x8' / 8'x10' 

Playtime Pricing

$6.99 Regular Price / 15 min. Playtime

 One additional Playtime per day

              $6.29      10% SAVINGS   

 Two additional Playtimes per day

$11.18   20% SAVINGS

 Three additional Playtimes per day

$14.67   30% SAVINGS

​Resort Package Pricing

​​The Resort Package is our only package.  Your pet will enjoy all of the benefits and amenities during their stay.  We have three room and patio sizes available.   They will receive 3 exercise and potty breaks a day.  You can customize your pet's stay by adding additional Playtimes and/or Pool Times. They can play with us or socialize with our other resort guests.  

​Resort Package

American Pet Spa & Resort​ dog boarding kennels are a pet's playground.  We have built in the extras your dog will enjoy.  Our rooms are large with connecting outside patios.  Every room has a TV and we have movie and Doggie Popcorn every Saturday Night.  Our rooms are climate controlled for every pet's comfort.  They have 6 Play Parks and a Swimming Pool to enjoy during their outdoor activities.  Full Maid Service is provided daily and clean up as needed by our Guest Services Staff.  All water bowls are cleaned and refilled daily and as needed.  We use only clean food bowls for each meal.  Every pet is fed according to your directions including treats.  We do administer medication if you pet requires them.  Your dog is our top priority.  Our goal is providing your dog a great boarding experience.  American Pet Spa & Resort dog boarding is beyond any other boarding experience.  The dog boarding rates are very reasonable.  We do have the best dog boarding in Argyle and the surrounding area.

American Pet Spa & Resort Dog Boarding


American Pet Spa & Resort

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