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Trainer January V

Meet our Trainer January

“Ever since I was a little girl I have imagined working with animals and could not see myself doing anything else. After completing my College Degree in Mental Health Counseling, I decided to utilize my spare time and started volunteering at a local shelter where I fell in love with assisting dogs in getting their forever home. One thing I noticed was a lot of potential adopters really wanted a trained dog or at least a dog that had some basic training. I decided to work with these homeless dogs on "LEASH WALKING", "SIT", and "OFF" to secure a good home for them. My compassion extended much more when I began my career working under two other Professional Trainers with hands on experience and starting my own not-for-profit to rescue shelter dogs and turn their lives around by training them before adoption.” January's specialty is working with aggressive dogs to modify their behavior to co-exist with owner and other dogs. Our main goal is safety and creating boundaries for your everyday living and make life more enjoyable for you and your dog! The Bond between owner and dog is recovered in our training courses where you will learn to love working with your dog and enjoy taking them in public. Working with clients to directly involve and educate them during the training is a crucial part of that bond and knowledge to improve your dog's training; hence "Man's Best Friend." January has been training dogs for 12 years now where she was based out of New York and has worked as a Lead Trainer for over four years. She relocated to Texas to fulfill her lifelong dream of training dogs and helping the shelter population. January is a Balanced Trainer. What is a balanced trainer you may ask? Scroll down to find out more!

Training Individual

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Training with Boarding

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Daycare & Train

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Dog Training Approach and Philosophy

A balanced traininer recognizes that there is no one method or tool that works to help every dog. Just like humans, each dog is an individual. We like to have every option in the tool kit available to help dogs be the best they can be. We often rely on our most universal and adaptable tools like the slip collar and e-collar as it allows effective and clear communication. These tools give the owner the power to feel confident and in control. We also often use the help from our own pack of dogs (and extended pack of past clients that frequently visit) with the belief that there is no easier way for a dog to learn than learning by example. With that help, we can show that there is a leader of the pack which all the other balanced dogs follow--the human. We are very transparent about our work. We document and show everything that we do through photos and videos that get posted up on primarily our Instagram. We also post on our Facebook and YouTube. We want people to not only see what we are doing along with how and why it works, but to also take this content and learn how to help their own dogs succeed! Balanced home, balanced owners.

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Dog Training in Argyle

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